that time i went to nz and took a million pictures

Monday, February 10, 2014

By far my favourite part of NZ was Queenstown. That place is straight up stunning. I had to physically restrain myself from photographing the lake by our fifth day there. I mean, 185 pictures of the same view will probably suffice... But it wasn't just the scenery that took me by surprise. I adored the laidback vibe of this little village. So many people are there just to work and have fun – lazing in the sun by day and hitting the bars at night. I'm already itching to go back. So much so, I may have been sprung checking out flights today at work. Queenstown, I do love you so!

Well, are you ready for part one of the photo dump? Here goes nothing...

That view? I mean, honestly. Can you believe it?!

We got the gondola to the top of this mountain, and boy is that thing high! It was the only "adventure" activity we did while we were there (sorry, no bungees or paraglides for this gal!) but we were terrified. We spent about 20 minutes in the gift shop at the top trying to avoid having to go back down...

The mirror lakes were such a lovely surprise on our road trip out to Milford Sound. The reflections of the mountains in that water are something to behold. I could have stood there just soaking up the view for hours!

Milford Sound might be an eight-hour round trip from Queenstown, but it is worth every second. The drive there is breathtakingly beautiful and when you do arrive, nothing can prepare you for the stunning surrounds. Of course, I was radically underdressed and freezing cold when we hit the water but it was well worth the shivering to see it all.

3 notes :

  1. I wanna go! I wanna go!

    These photos are great. Did you just feel like you were in a calendar the whole time? Swoon.

  2. BEYOND gorgeous. Love love love. Time a million.



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