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Monday, February 24, 2014

Finally! Some more of my photos from New Zealand. It's amazing how getting back into the swing of work and grocery shopping and binge-watching House Of Cards can leave so little time for photo uploading. It's also amazing how taking a little holiday can make you take stock of how hectic your life is. Before I went to NZ, it had been a full year since I took any time away from the office, and when I came back after two weeks off, everyone was so full of compliments. "You look beautiful – so happy, so relaxed!" I swear this is how I used to look all the time before being a grown-up made me so tired and haggard.

Oh, I hope my dream of meeting a man on Millionaire Matchmaker comes true so I can live life as a lady of leisure! But until then, I am just going to try to put a bit more focus on leisure. Mini stay-cations, more bubble baths, afternoons devoted to just reading... And I'm going to hold onto what's left of this holiday glow for as long as I can.

That's my initials right there on that gate. I think I have to move here...

This was advertised as "the best gelato outside of Italy", and we kinda had to agree! So good. Side note: NZ is big on the grand proclamations. "The best burger you'll ever eat!" "New Zealand's premiere travel agent!" "The world's finest cheese!" We could't get enough.

Wineries are kind of the best thing ever, right? You just chill out in beanbags with killer views of sprawling vineyards, sampling some incredible vino. I might be a wine farmer in my next life. Or a wine farmer's wife?

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  1. Amen to what sounds like a much, much needed vacation. You really are glowing :)

    I think you and I are soul mates when it comes to our TV shows. Let me know when you're ready to talk about 'House of Cards' because OH MY GOD I'm bursting over here. I think I watched both seasons in a week. Oops.



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