Wednesday, October 16, 2013

noodles and lanterns and pancakes, oh my!

Sydney has a little thing going on right now called the Night Noodle Markets. And I decided to check it out this week with my friend Samera – because, well, I love noodles for one. And the idea of having a picnic in the park in the middle of city under a sea of lanterns sounds pretty good to me.

And was the food delicious or what! Singapore noodles and spicy beef and dumplings and garlic buns (that's like deep fried garlic bread, if you've never experienced that taste explosion before). But they saved the best for last and it came in the shape of a dozen tiny fluffy pancakes covered in strawberries and chocolate.

Oh, Noodle Markets – I wish you were here all year round. Or at the very least, I wish Hyde Park got to keep those beautiful lanterns. They were a pretty sight if ever I saw one!


  1. I am going next week, and I love going every year! I can't wait :)

  2. see, Brisbane had a lights festival the other day which I thought was very pretty, but those lanterns are heaps nicer !


  3. Oh nice I wish they did something like that here in Brisbane :-)

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  4. I love noodles!! So jealous. And the lights are so so pretty xx