Monday, February 24, 2014

auckland + waiheke

Finally! Some more of my photos from New Zealand. It's amazing how getting back into the swing of work and grocery shopping and binge-watching House Of Cards can leave so little time for photo uploading. It's also amazing how taking a little holiday can make you take stock of how hectic your life is. Before I went to NZ, it had been a full year since I took any time away from the office, and when I came back after two weeks off, everyone was so full of compliments. "You look beautiful – so happy, so relaxed!" I swear this is how I used to look all the time before being a grown-up made me so tired and haggard.

Oh, I hope my dream of meeting a man on Millionaire Matchmaker comes true so I can live life as a lady of leisure! But until then, I am just going to try to put a bit more focus on leisure. Mini stay-cations, more bubble baths, afternoons devoted to just reading... And I'm going to hold onto what's left of this holiday glow for as long as I can.

That's my initials right there on that gate. I think I have to move here...

This was advertised as "the best gelato outside of Italy", and we kinda had to agree! So good. Side note: NZ is big on the grand proclamations. "The best burger you'll ever eat!" "New Zealand's premiere travel agent!" "The world's finest cheese!" We could't get enough.

Wineries are kind of the best thing ever, right? You just chill out in beanbags with killer views of sprawling vineyards, sampling some incredible vino. I might be a wine farmer in my next life. Or a wine farmer's wife?

Monday, February 10, 2014

that time i went to nz and took a million pictures

By far my favourite part of NZ was Queenstown. That place is straight up stunning. I had to physically restrain myself from photographing the lake by our fifth day there. I mean, 185 pictures of the same view will probably suffice... But it wasn't just the scenery that took me by surprise. I adored the laidback vibe of this little village. So many people are there just to work and have fun – lazing in the sun by day and hitting the bars at night. I'm already itching to go back. So much so, I may have been sprung checking out flights today at work. Queenstown, I do love you so!

Well, are you ready for part one of the photo dump? Here goes nothing...

That view? I mean, honestly. Can you believe it?!

We got the gondola to the top of this mountain, and boy is that thing high! It was the only "adventure" activity we did while we were there (sorry, no bungees or paraglides for this gal!) but we were terrified. We spent about 20 minutes in the gift shop at the top trying to avoid having to go back down...

The mirror lakes were such a lovely surprise on our road trip out to Milford Sound. The reflections of the mountains in that water are something to behold. I could have stood there just soaking up the view for hours!

Milford Sound might be an eight-hour round trip from Queenstown, but it is worth every second. The drive there is breathtakingly beautiful and when you do arrive, nothing can prepare you for the stunning surrounds. Of course, I was radically underdressed and freezing cold when we hit the water but it was well worth the shivering to see it all.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

a little trip to new zealand.

About five months ago, my friend Samera called me after work and asked me if I fancied a cheap flight to New Zealand. I said yes, and before we both knew it (or even had our leave approved) we'd bought a return ticket for January. Well, that might just have been the best surprise call I ever received because we had an absolute blast and – in case you haven't been – NZ is one of the prettiest places on this earth. I was so obsessed with all the stunning scenery, I think I took about 987 photos of mountains alone. So look forward to that on the blog this week!

I'm already missing the Ferg burgers, the wines and the beaches at dusk, but it's good to be home... I guess.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

did i mention i had a sweet tooth?

What's the best part of the Sydney Festival? I'll give you a tip. It's a chocolate coated sorbet ice-cream covered in fairy floss made by the gelato pros at the Messina pop-up store.

If you haven't eaten fairy floss since you graduated grade three, now could be a great time to start. It's impossible not to feel ridiculously cheery when you eating pink sugar spun into a giant cotton ball.

Monday, January 13, 2014

go away, monday. you're not wanted here.

Coming back to the office after a weekend like this one is hard. I would a hundred per cent prefer to still be sunning myself on a pool deck chair, drinking French champagne and eating prawns.

Friday, January 10, 2014

right now.

I could eat a big fat bowl of pasta with no regrets.

I think French Bulldog puppies are just about the cutest thing on the planet.

I have a girl crush on Emily Blunt.

I'm obsessed with silky hand creams.

My favourite clothes are all pink.

I miss my sister like crazy.

I hate the smell of banana skins.

I have smile lines under my eyes.

I'm not setting my alarm clock tomorrow.

Monday, January 6, 2014

the wolves and the ravens.

I went to see The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty last week. That is one beautiful film. The scenery is breathtaking and I think I'm just a little bit in love with Ben Stiller. But this song, it tugged at my heartstrings. Isn't it funny how a few notes and a beautiful lyric can just stick with you...

I wasn't yours and you weren't mine, though I wish from time to time, we had found a common ground. 
Your voice was such a welcome sound. How the emptiness would fill with the waves and with your song. People find where they belong, or keep on.